A Program for Multi Brand Service Centers to receive and handle orders.

Bigfix Servicer GSP, an integral component of the Bigfix Platform.

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Precision Repairs and Expert Maintenance for Your Gadgets and Home Appliances at General Service Center.


Everything you need to explore your next service

We offers repair centers a large amount of features to help them streamline their operations and provide seamless service to their customers.

Easy KYC Onboarding

Streamlined onboarding with hassle-free KYC for quick customer enrollment.

B2B Leads from Insurers

Access B2B leads directly from insurers for enhanced business opportunities.

B2C Leads from Nearby Customers

Acquire B2C leads from local customers to expand service reach.

Repair Management

Efficient repair management system to streamline service processes.

Billing & Invoicing

Simplify billing and invoicing for seamless financial transactions.

Staff Upskilling & Certification

Facilitate staff upskilling and certification programs for enhanced expertise.

Eshop for Purchase Tools

E-commerce platform offering a wide range of tools for convenient purchase.

Useful Software Integrations

Implement useful software to optimize and enhance overall operations.

Insurance for Shop & Technicians

Comprehensive insurance coverage for both the repair shop and technicians.


Unlock Lucrative Opportunities: Partner with Bigfix to Boost your Revenue!

Tap into a steady stream of income by fulfilling B2B orders curated by Bigfix from top-tier Manufacturers, Insurance Companies, E-commerce Giants, and Telecommunication Titans. Plus, seize the chance to fulfill B2C orders through the innovative Bigfix Vault App.

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Deliver an unparalleled range of services with precision and expertise:

  • Swift and Instant Repair Services
  • Convenient Doorstep Installation Services
  • Return Material Handling Services
  • Thorough Buyback Audits
  • OEM Warranty Care Services
  • Seamless fulfillment of Insurance Claims
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What our servicer say?

Here are some service partners reaction from repair centers that have joined the Bigfix Servicer network


Anil Niture

Krishna Telecom - Hyderabad

Bigfix has supported our business for the past couple of years, even during covid times when things looked bleak. We hope the alliance continues to grow stronger.


Sathish Kumar

Fenix Mobiles - Tirupur

We were gifted by Bigfix with a strong lead bank along with a wonderful tool to organize and elevate our business.



Gig Servicer - Coimbatore

As a freelancer, Bigfix provided me with the best support to upskill myself and a steady revenue channel.


Jinendra G Oswal

Oswal Services - Pune

Bigfix Servicer revolutionized repair order management, with its user-friendly app and enhanced visibility from the lead bank, driving a surge in repair orders.


Jasveer Singh

Universal Telecom - Delhi

Since subscribing to Bigfix Servicer, our repair management has become more efficient, reducing our turnaround time and increasing customer satisfaction.

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